Computer Security Assessment

In malware research, that most anti-virus systems are not capable of catching code without known signatures.

Network Security Assessment

Even script kiddies with basic networking background can download hacking tools easily exploit incorrectly configured systems.

Web Vulnerability Assessment

Discover security loopholes inherited from bad programming patterns in your web applications.

Web Vulnerability Assessment

Our web vulnerability assessment service provides you a way to discover security loopholes inherited from bad programming patterns in your web applications, no matter whether your web applications are hosted in-house or external hosting service is used.

The myth is “I already have HTTPS using TLS/SSL to protect our web site, our web application should already be well protected.” The truth is “Over 75% of web sites or web applications are in danger of being hacked.” There is a deteriorating trend in the global situation that is confirmed by published sources. The root cause of this getting worse problem is that most programmers are either not trained in software security or they are not responsible for information security, which often falls into the only hands of network administrators who are not able to fix the programming bugs.

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