Computer Security Assessment

In malware research, that most anti-virus systems are not capable of catching code without known signatures.

Network Security Assessment

Even script kiddies with basic networking background can download hacking tools easily exploit incorrectly configured systems.

Web Vulnerability Assessment

Discover security loopholes inherited from bad programming patterns in your web applications.

Security Consultation

Free Infosec Health Check

Like a standard body check, our Infosec (information security) Health CheckHealth Check is a plan designed for quick identification of common security loopholes hidden in your IT environment. is a plan designed for quick identification of common security loopholes hidden in your IT environment. The plan contains surface check on all components covered by our Total Security Consultation service. It offers you a preliminary insight into your IT security landscape, and the most important thing is.... IT IS FREE!

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Total Security Consultation

If you are serious about the risks that may be threatening your information assets in the networked world, three are three things that you must realize:

  1. There is no silver-bullet. in information security.
  2. A perfectly secure system is a system that is unavailable.
  3. Your system is only as strong as your weakest link.

Unless your computing facilities provide no service, you are never immune from cyber attack. To mitigate the security risks that you are facing, you should adopt a defense-in-depth approach, which increases the cost of the attackers with the purpose of diverting their attention to other low-hanging targets. Our services are by no means substitution of your existing protection mechanisms or good security management. Instead, we assist you to reassure that everything you put in place is performing at the desired level and effective.

Our total security consultation service includes penetration testing of your computer systems, networks, and web applications:
Computer Security Assessment
Network Security Assessment
Web Vulnerability Assessment
We will give you further recommendation based on our findings on the potentially exploitable vulnerabilities identified so that you can get a clear picture of the weaknesses in your environment, better control security risks, and prioritize your mitigation measures in order to achieve value for money.

Security Audit

We offer two types of security audit consultation: security management audit and programming source code audit.

Our security management audit assists you in establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, and improving a documented information security management system (ISMS) by utilizing a risk-based approach. The service is built on the plan-do-check-act model stipulated in the ISO 27001 ISMS requirements. As part of our service, recommendation on selection of the 133 controls suggested in the standard will be given along with implementation guidelines of selected controls.

“Ultimately, all security bugs originate from bad source code, and bad source code originates from human errors.” Software flaws constitute the single largest source of security problems. Unfortunately, you cannot rely on IT vendors to release patches for your custom code. As a result, you need to audit your source code (especially source code of your web, click here to learn more) before it is too late. Rather than maintaining an expensive team of software security experts, we provide the service you need at a fraction of the cost.

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