Computer Security Assessment

In malware research, that most anti-virus systems are not capable of catching code without known signatures.

Network Security Assessment

Even script kiddies with basic networking background can download hacking tools easily exploit incorrectly configured systems.

Web Vulnerability Assessment

Discover security loopholes inherited from bad programming patterns in your web applications.

Other services



The design and implement of Network, Wireless, Firewall, Router, Desktop computer and Server…

Recent projects:

Design and implement of a CGSE (The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society) member’s decades of PC, several servers, network, wifi, video broadcasting system, and IT infrastructure.   Precious Metals trading system implementation and security design.

The network and wifi of an over 20,000 sq feet entertainment site.   Design and implementation was needed to concern the accessible, reliability and security.


Physical security

Face recognition system for Access Control and Human Resource, CCTV monitoring system …

Recent Projects:

Face recognition system for Access Control and Human Resource in a law firm and a consultant company.

Decades of CCTV camera and recording system for an over 20,000 sq feet entertainment site.


Mobile Apps development

Apps development – client side and back end server side design, security consideration during the design phase.

Recent projects:

Disney Apps for HK Disney and Paris Disney.


Web Design including Security Check

Webpage Design, Hosting, Photographic, Content Management System included update news, member login, photo gallery, etc.

Regular Security Check will address new vulnerabilities discovered over time.