Computer Security Assessment

In malware research, that most anti-virus systems are not capable of catching code without known signatures.

Network Security Assessment

Even script kiddies with basic networking background can download hacking tools easily exploit incorrectly configured systems.

Web Vulnerability Assessment

Discover security loopholes inherited from bad programming patterns in your web applications.

Total Security Consultation

"Anyone who can google can be a hacker.”

The question is “Who is more professional?”

What are the consequences if your IT security is compromised?

Loss of business opportunities?

Loss of intellectual property such as trade secrets?

Loss of information assets?

Damage to reputation?

Legal liability and noncompliance to regulations?

The answer is.... ALL


Do you know?

60% of cyber attack is accounted for by insiders such as internal staff, dissatisfied ex-employees.

Do you know?

20% of organizations reported experience of “targeted attack”.

Do you know?

Chained exploit cannot be stopped by any single security product or solution.

Do you know?

Custom malware cannot be caught by most standard malware detection engines.

Do you know?

The issue of software security flaws in custom web application code is ranked top cyber security risk.