Computer Security Assessment

In malware research, that most anti-virus systems are not capable of catching code without known signatures.

Network Security Assessment

Even script kiddies with basic networking background can download hacking tools easily exploit incorrectly configured systems.

Web Vulnerability Assessment

Discover security loopholes inherited from bad programming patterns in your web applications.

About Us

We are a team of information security practitioners sharing a common goal of improving the standard of IT security in the market. Only with advanced technical knowledge and skills, and better security management can the industry overcome the challenge of cyber attack in the networked virtual world. Our team members possess extensive experience and expertise in different domains of information security. By combining academic and practical intelligence, we are able to solve the most complicated problems that cannot be fixed by simply following typical advice from IT or security vendors.

Why choose us?

We think in the way hackers think.

We know the methods professional hackers use.

We understand your business requirements.

We believe that you can only defeat and defend against your adversaries if you know them well, and hence here we are.